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​School or camp field trips in NYC

The Toy Museum of NY school or camp field trips.

Interactive Theater, for PreK - 3th grade in New York.

Toy Museum of NY
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Program Details:


1)  Storytelling with Puppets (Takes Place At Your School):

Students learn with puppets from the Museum Collection.  Storytelling and play acting with the puppets highlight this interactive workshop.  Students learn how to make their own sock puppet. Puppetry is introduced as an art form. Classic and familiar stories such as Little Red Riding Hood,  Little Red Hen and The Three Little Pigs are brought to life with student participation.  Supplies included. Up to 30 students per class, 1 hour.

Perfect for PreK - all grades.

 Teachers love Storytelling With Puppets, "I wanted to thank you for the visit today. Our scholars loved engaging in the performance and the craft."  Ms. Rosa

2) Live Acting and Performance Workshop (Takes Place At Your School):

Students learn drama games, improvisation and creativity exercises. This workshop provides inspiration and builds students confidence for live performance, classroom participation, public speaking, and theatre.  Taught by a member of the Toy Museum theatre cast. 1 hour.  All grades.

3)  Discovering Your Inner Inventor (Interactive Distance Learning Video Conference):

Students discover how to encourage their own individual creative thinking.  Antique and classic toys from the Museum Collection are shared with the students.  Two way conversations engage the students in a discussion about how toys throughout history  have been an important part of culture. Students think about the past and connect this with inventing toys for the future.  The Inner Inventor workshop reinforces the creative thinking process while focusing on both the original idea and the fully realized end product. This very popular Distance Learning Program is offered to all schools, libraries, senior centers throughout the United States via registration at Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration http://www.cilc.org. 50 minutes. 3rd Grade - 12th Grade.

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