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For information on bringing a Toy Museum of NY program to your school, art festival, community or senior center, please fill out the form below, or call 718-243-0820.

List of programs below:

All of our programs actively engage students in the learning process. They are interactive, engaging, and educational. Pre and post activities are available. For all performances and workshops we welcome one day or multiple day bookings. Please note that depending on the location and distance of your schools proximity from New York City, multiple day bookings and residencies may require lodging for our staff.  An additional fee will be added to the booking fee to provide hotel accommodations for our teaching artists and/or cast. Artist residencies are available and other week long workshops too. Contact us directly for fees and/or we will put you in touch with our booking agent. 

The Toy Museum: A Mini Musical

A theatrical play about toys with original music, costumes, and set design. Learn the history of several toys, including toys played with during George Washington's time, Abraham Lincoln, and a toy named after President Theodore Roosevelt. Seen by over 15,000 school students annually in NYC, it has proven success for being educational, interactive and entertaining. See toys from the museum's collection. 50 minutes. Prek-12th grade. Great year round and a holiday tradition for many of our school teachers. Teachers book in advance for shows in November and December. The cast mingles with the audience after the show for a "Meet and Greet." 

Storytelling: The Stories behind Popular Toy Inventions

Told through improvisation and storytelling, this interactive program will inform your students about popular toy inventions including the frisbee, the Teddy Bear, Lincoln Logs, and other toys. Costumes, music and toys from the museums collection. 45-50 minutes. Kindergarten-6th grade.

Storytelling with Puppets

With the use of puppets and costumes, students will hear stories about everyday life issues that affect them including sharing and caring for their toys, donating them, showing appreciation for receiving a toy they do not like, and learn coping mechanisms when they are disappointed. Audiences are encouraged to assist in the story telling. Group discussion after each segment! 45-50 minutes. Kindergarten-4th grade.

Puppet Making Workshop & Storytelling with Puppets

Students will learn about the different types of puppets from the Toy Museum's Puppet collection. Puppets as an art form will be introduced. Classic stories will be told using puppets including Little Red Riding Hood with student interaction and participation. A simple to make puppet will be part of the workshop. 1 hour. All grades.

Physical Theatre Through Storytelling

This is a physical theatre and mime workshop that teaches students how to tell a story through movement. They will learn techniques to move like a rag doll and a robot. Good for developing coordination skills, balance, mobility, and creativity. 1 hour. All grades.

Discovering Your Inner Inventor

This workshop encourages creative thinking. Old toys from the museum's collection are shown to the students. A discussion about the toys in our culture and history help to connect the students to thinking like a toy inventor. We encourage students to learn about the past before thinking about inventing a toy for the future. This learning experience helps to introduce students to the creative thinking process from an original idea to a finished product. This is a popular Distance Learning Program that the Museum offers to schools throughout the United States through Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration. 50 minutes. 3rd Grade - 12th Grade. 

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