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The Toy Museum: A Mini Musical

Performed at the Toy Museum, the Roulette Theater, Brooklyn Music School Playhouse, the Soho Playhouse, or we will come to your school. See the "Testimonials" tab for teacher reviews.

Perfect for grades: PreK-3rd grade
Price: $8 per person. Teachers and camp counselors are half price.
Length of show: 50-55 minutes

Educational benefits: A fun and theatrical show about visiting the Toy Museum. The show covers Language Arts, Social Studies, Performing Arts and emphasizes the importance of sharing. The show is enjoyable and can be incorporated as a learning tool for subjects covering American History, "Then and Now" and material in the core curriculum. 

Pre-visit: Talk to your students about old toys and what they think children played with long ago. An additional learning value includes a brief introduction to theater and the elements of theater.

Post-visit: Have a discussion about the importance of sharing toys. There are many new words that students will learn from the show that could be part of the conversation, which include fragile, porcelain, and donation to name a few.

The show: Join Queen Marlene and her fun friends on a magical and educational adventure. From the land of make believe, to real life adventures this Queen is ready to take you on a journey into the exciting world of old toys.  Hear about her toys from America’s past (then and now) and around the world.  Make sure you keep an on eye on “Rosie Rascal”, the Museum’s largest doll because you never know what could happen.  The show is interactive, educational and entertaining.    An original show written, produced and directed by Marlene Hochman.  Stage director and choreographer: Catherine Gasta.  The “Queen Marlene of the Toy Museum” Theme song was produced by Arthur and Leslie Stead, a Grammy Award winning composer and performer. 

Lyrics: Marlene Hochman & Additional Music by Ahmed Alabaca.