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A theatrical play about toys with original music, costumes, and set design. Learn the history of several toys, including toys played with during George Washington's time, Abraham Lincoln, and a toy named after President Theodore Roosevelt. Covers "Then and Now", imaginative and dramatic play, new vocabulary words and curriculum based.  

A very theatrical toy museum. Music and theatre performances only, no tours. Objects from the toy collection are shown during the show.

 ​  Brooklyn and Manhattan

    2014 Nov. & Dec. Dates

We offer distance learning through video conferencing. Programs are 50 minutes and can be booked through CILC (Center for Interactive Video Conferencing) or by calling the museum. Bring the world to your classroom more simply and cost-effectively than you would imagine. 

WHAT IS THE TOY MUSEUM?                  

Since 1999, the not-for-profit Toy Museum of NY has provided family-friendly fun and educational  live theater for all ages. An amazing historic toy collection performs as prop characters in every show. Come visit us. Over 15,000 school children each year have a wonderful time and teachers are booking trips a year in advance.  The Toy Museum of NY is a proven winner as an alternative to any other field trip to museums. We hope to see you soon.

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Education, Imagination and Wonder

November 12 - 10 AM & 11:45 AM

November 25 - 10 AM &  11:45 AM

December 03 -  10 AM & 11:45 AM

December 04 - 10 AM & 11:45 AM

December 08 - 10AM  & 11:45AM

December 09- 10AM & 11:45AM

December 11 - 10AM & 11:45AM

December 12 -10AM & 11:45AM

December 15 - 10 AM &  11:45 AM

December 16 - 10 AM &  11:45 AM

December 18 - 10 AM & 11:45 AM

December 19 - 10 AM & 11:45 AM