Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get tickets for a show?
A: Please fill out the reservation request and we will contact you about availability. List the dates and times you are interested in. Upon a confirmation from the Museum, an invoice with the location of the show will be emailed to you.  Shows are held at the Museum and numerous theatres throughout Brooklyn and vicinity. 

Q: I am a teacher and want to bring my class. How many students can we bring to a show?
A:  We provide many options for you. #1. Several theaters are large enough to accommodate your entire grade. Seating in the theatres range from  175 – 400 seats. We encourage you to make your reservation for one of the theatres; this way you can bring your entire grade including parents and additional staff. # 2. The Museum space can accommodate one or two classes at a time, including teachers with limited seating for additional chaperones.  #3. If you prefer, we will bring our show to your school.

Q: Will we get to see the toys in the exhibit if we see the show?

A: Yes, the toys in our collection are part of our show. The shows are held at different theatres around New York City and at our museum space is located at 180 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY

Q: What if we just want to come to the museum and not see a show?

A: The museum show is the only way to see the collection. 

Q: How long is the show?
A: Typically, most of our performances are 55 minutes long.

Q: I am a teacher, do we need to send a deposit?
A: Upon receiving your invoice, a $25 nonrefundable, nontransferable per class deposit is due within two weeks. Payment for the deposit and the balance can be paid by check or credit card. 

Q: When is my full payment due?
A: Full payment is due 2-3 weeks prior to each performance.  Payment options have been made easy for you as we accept payment by checks, credit cards, purchase orders, and online payments including PayPal . 

Q: What if we cannot pay by the due date?
A: Please contact us immediately if you foresee there is going to be a problem.  We can be reached by email at: or by telephone at 718-243-0820. We will work with you.

Q: Can we eat our lunch in the museum or the theatre?
A: Due to the nature of the museum's old collection, we can not allow eating in the space. Also, food is prohibited in the theatres.  However, there are plenty of playgrounds in the neighborhood. We would be happy to provide you with the locations. The parks have  benches, climbing jungle gyms and sprinklers in the summer time.  Visiting the Museum and then the playground is an excellent way to spend the day with your camp group. 

Q: How much are tickets?
A: Discounts are available for schools, camps, and tour groups.  Reduced rates are $8 per person. Ask about additional discounts for teachers, paras, and camp counselors. Individual tickets are $10 per person.

Q: Will we receive tickets?
A: Your invoice is your confirmation. 

Q: Can we get a refund or credit towards  if students are absent?
A: All ticket sales are final. We do not offer refunds or credits. However if your school is unable to attend do to weather conditions or unforseen situations, we will gladly help to reschedule your trip. 

Q: Do you accept Purchase Orders?
A: Yes, we accept purchase DOE Purchase Orders. A copy of the purchase order must be received prior to the show. Our Vendor # is DOLO 50000.  We also can provide a Sole Vendor Letter per request. 

Q: What type of seating is available?
A: Seating in the theatres is on a first come, first served basis. For the 10:15am show please try to arrive by 10:00am for early seating.

Q. What is the arrival procedure and check-in procedure at the theater?
A. We recommend arriving at the theatre 15 minutes before your scheduled show.  It is always challenging for both  the teachers, students and the Museum staff if you arrive too early.  We know you are anxious to get everyone seated . Unfortunately the theatres do not have indoor waiting areas or large lobbies, so either have your students wait on the bus or have them line up on the sidewalk.  Please send in one representative from your school to let us know you have arrived. Upon your trip reservation we will email you the location of the theatre to give to the bus company.

Q. What should we do when we arrive at the theatre?
A. We have a receptionist at the theatre who will assist you. Theater doors will be opened approximately 30 minutes prior to the performance. Groups attending the 11:40am performance will be required to remain on their bus or line up on the sidewalk until an usher brings you into the theatre. We advise that you do not arrive before 11:30 am.

Q: When the show is over, what should we do?
A: Once the show is over, our ushers will open the theatre doors so that everyone can easily and safely exit the theatre. We advise that you take your bus drivers cell phone and have them waiting for you. Kindly have your students use the restroom before the show as the theatres have limited facilities. 

Q: What if we need to change the amount of students coming to the show?
A. You will have  2 - 3 weeks prior to the performance to finalize your reservation quantities. Increases in your reservation may be available depending on the availability of seats. Please contact our office at 718-243-0820 to secure additional seats in advance. Our shows fill up quickly. Kindly let us know if you need additional seats and we will try to accommodate you. 

Q: Is the museum and the theatres handicap accessible?  
A: The Museum is accessible and most of the theatres are too. If you require special assistance please check with us in advance. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Cancellations are accepted within 14 days of making your reservation. In the event of an unexpected school closing caused by weather, or bus strike we will help you reschedule your trip.  If a show is cancelled, we will do our best to reschedule the show in a timely manner. 

Q: What happens if there is a snow storm or natural disaster?
A: We will contact you by cell phone,  text you and we will call the school too. We will also email you in the morning of the performance to notify you about the cancellation. The show will be rescheduled or switched to another date (subject to availability). 

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